Friday, 14 June 2019

June Newsletter

Hello Everybody!

I don't often write on my 'blog', as I usually send everyone an email with all my announcements, but there is a lot of stuff I want to share with you and I thought this site would be more suitable this time..

Please read on to find out about my summer hours, new fabrics and items for sale, new buy and sell items and more...

Summer Hours

As in the past couple of years, I will be reducing my summer appointment hours. It is best to contact me a few days in advance to set up a time. 

Wide Backing

Northcott Simply Neutral Wide Backing

Awhile ago I sold off all my wide backing fabric due to the lack of room to store a wide enough variety of colours. However, I have purchased one wide back from Northcott at a good price in a neutral off-white colour. 

This wide backing is available at the very reasonable price of $14.95/yd, and there is a limited quantity. Please contact me if you would like to have some set aside for you.

It is a very light, almost white colour. It might look a little darker and yellowish in the picture but that is misleading. 
You can see a closer look at it here. It has faint circles & lines.

Northcott Mighty Pines Digital Print

New Fabrics 

New arrivals include another shipment of Tonga batiks from a number of different collections including 10 fabrics from the 'Cashmere' collection which are basically off-white or cream fabrics great for backgrounds, as well as 10 fabrics from the 'Vivid' collection which is a collection of bright colours.
Also new are quite a number of Northcott fabrics from various collections including some from their Banyan Batiks collections and quite a number from their Artisan Spirit Shimmer collection. I actually have quite a few fabrics from the Shimmer collection which you can see here...  "Shimmer Fabrics"..

Please check out all my new fabrics here..."Just Arrived" 

New Zippers

Yay! I finally found a source for 'faux metal' nylon coil zippers. These zippers can be cut and sewn into your project just like any other nylon coil zipper.

I have the zipper chain in black with silver, black with gold, and black with antique brass and I will cut the zipper to any size you need and can attach one or two (head to head) pulls. The cost will be 10 cents per inch and $1.50 per pull.

This is a #5 size zipper - perfect for bag-making. And very stylish!

Mesh Fabric

Mesh Fabric By Annie and Fold Over Elastic (colours to match the mesh) is now available. An 18" x 54" package of the mesh is $7.50 and a 2 yard roll of elastic is $6.50. There are lots of colours to choose from. 

Use this fabric in many applications such as the Double Zip Gear Bag. This pattern will also be available soon (on backorder).

Wool Pressing Mats

I still have a number of the 17" x 24" Wool Pressing Mats at the sale price of $85. This is a very good price as it is about the equivalent of the U.S. list price. Please contact me if interested in picking one up before they are gone! Once they are gone, I will have to reorder and the price will go up by $5.

A New Fabric from Northcott's FIGO Division

FIGO Surface Cotton-Linen Blend

I have a new fabric, which is a cotton-linen blend. It is from Northcott, but from their new 'FIGO' division. It is a sturdier fabric from the 'Surface' collection which is meant for handbags and heavier duty tote bags. I only have the one fabric as I want to see if there is any interest. I saw it made up into a handbag at Northcott and it is very sturdy and professional looking. They coupled it with Northcott premium solid in black that was interfaced with Decor-Bond (a medium weight stiff interfacing). The result was fabulous!

The price for this fabric is $18/yd and is 44" wide. You can see all of the FIGO Surface collection here....  This is a brand new fabric, not even available yet in most stores!

New and Changed Buy and Sell Items

There are a couple of new items available in the Buy and Sell section of this blog (see link at top). One is a Handi Quilter quilting machine and another is a Sew Steady table for Pfaff 7570. Please take a look!

That's it for now! If I don't hear from you, have a great summer!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

October Newsletter

Hello Everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer full of friends and food and sunshine! But now that fall is here, we quilters have started on our fall and winter projects. I'm all set up and ready to welcome you into my home.
Over the summer I have been shopping for new items to offer. Below are some highlights.

Cork Fabric

Cork is fused to a soft fabric backing and is ideal for bag making, crafts, upholstery, and many other uses. I also have some new 'craft cork' fabric which is a thinner quality, also great for many uses, and less expensive. Prices vary. Check out my cork fabric fabrics here. Also, there are more coming in mid-November. You can see those here.

Sew Steady Tables Wish Holiday Packages

I am now able to order Sew Steady tables for your machine. Sew Steady has a couple of very nice holiday packages on right now - The Perfect Holiday Wish Package and the Large Holiday Package. You can read about them both here.

The list price for the Perfect Holiday Wish Package is $209 and the Large Holiday Package is $129.  These are U.S. prices. Exchange and shipping usually adds 40% - 50% above the U.S. price, but I will cover most of that so that your price will only be about 10% above the U.S. list price. Therefore the Perfect Holiday Wish Package will be $230 CDN and the Large Holiday Package will be $140 CDN.

If you are interested, I will order it for you. They should be arriving in about 3 weeks. However, I plan to hold off until Black Friday, because it sounds like there will be an added bonus if I order the tables then (unconfirmed, but I think it may be a free gift of a light stick!) with the purchase of any table. You don't have to order one of these packages to get the free gift.  Please look here to see everything Sew Steady has to offer. If you see something you like, add 10% to the U.S. price shown to get a close idea of your cost....

Shades SoftFuse

I have a new fusible web in stock called Soft Fuse by Shades. If you are looking to try something better than the usual Heat & Bond or Steam A Seam, you can try this product. A 3 yard roll (18" wide) is $24.

Shades Textiles SoftFuse Premium web is a paper-backed fusible web for machine or hand applique. SoftFuse Premium is so soft that needles, both hand and machine, just glide right through. Draw on paper side, roughly cut out shapes, fuse to applique fabric, closely cut out drawn shapes, then remove paper and position pieces in order and fuse onto background fabric. Finish edges with your favorite stitch.

Here is a video from Marti Mitchell - Soft Fuse Demo

Bosal Katahdin on-a-Roll

I also have a new product called Bosal Katahdin on-a-Roll 100% Organic Cotton. It is a 2 1/4" x 50 yard roll for $30.

Great for the popular Jelly Roll Rug. Pattern also available.

Bosal Stable-Batt

Many of you are using Hoop Sisters Battilizer for your embroidery projects. I do have some of that left in stock, but am now moving to Bosal Stable-Batt (24" wide) which is a similar product but I can offer it at a lower price of $6 per yard.

If you are interested in seeing any of these new products, send me a message and we'll set up a time for shopping!

Friday, 22 June 2018

June Newsletter

So, it is the beginning of summer and many of you aren't thinking of sewing, but in the world of retail we keep going! I just got back from Northcott and have some fantastic new selections for you. I also have some other news about summer hours, etc.

New Fabrics

There are many new fabrics that have just arrived and some that are on their way.

City Scene
From Northcott's Artisan Spirit line comes a beautiful collection called 'City Scene'. This collection
features a digital print panel and coordinating fabrics in 2 colour choices - Urban Mist and Urban Oasis. Think of the possibilities as a wall-hanging, lap quilt, or even use the panel as a feature in a bag.

The panel is offered at $7 per panel and yardage is my usual great deal off $9 per yard.

Please see all the fabrics that I was able to acquire here: Artisan Spirit City Scene.

Mountain Wilderness
Also newly arrived is a number of fabrics from Northcott's Stonehenge line called "Mountain Wilderness". This also comes in 2 colour choices - Slate and Blue Planet. 

What a beautiful fabric with many project ideas. Of course, you can do an 'attic windows' quilt, or maybe a lap or wall hanging. Northcott has a few ideas too. Look here to see what I have.

Again, the price is right at $7 per panel and $9 per yard. Please see all the fabrics that I have from this collection here: Stonehenge Mountain Wilderness.

Gray Matters
Coming soon, are two collections from P&B Textiles. One is a black and white collection called Noir, and the other is called Gray Matters.  The hunt for the perfect black, white & gray is never ending. 

Any of these neutral shades are a perfect addition to the stash. Add a dash of colour and you have a fabulous palette for your next project.

These fabrics are due to arrive in early July. Check them out here.

Cuddle Quilt
Also new are a number of flannels. Yes, I said FLANNELS! I know I had planned to drop flannels from my inventory but these kids prints were just too cute to pass up.There aren't many and they won't be around long, so snatch them up when you can. They are only $9 per yard too! See all my flannels here

Speaking of kids fabrics, I have several new 'cuddle quilt' kits. These kits, include all the minky fabrics you need to make a soft and snugly crib quilt. They are $55 per kit and are quick and easy to make. See them here.

Please check out all my new fabrics in my 'Just Arrived' section in my photo albums!

Purse and Bag Patterns, Hardware & Interfacings

I have quite a few new items in for purses, including some new patterns and kits. These include the Poppins Bag, Voyager Bag, and Boxy Tote. All of these are larger bags that can be used as overnight bags, and in the case of the Boxy Tote it doubles as a carry bag for your Featherweight! I'm trying to put together some kits soon, but in the meantime, try them out with your own fabrics, or work with me to pick out your perfect fabric combination. I carry all the hardware, zippers, and interfacings you need for these projects as well, and at very reasonable prices. The prices for my patterns are in line with the USD prices shown in the links.

New hardware and interfacings have also arrived. I now carry grommets, snap buttons, magnetic snaps, d-rings, o-rings, swivel hooks, snap hooks, rivets... the list goes on.  As for interfacings, I have many new ones to try including black single side fusible foam, white 2 sided fusible foam, non-woven medium weight interfacings, etc.  This is in addition to all the other interfacings I already carry and all at great prices. I may not have everything, but I'm pretty sure I have what you need no matter what your project is. Please ask me when you are here as I may not have everything on display.

Summer Hours

Now that summer is here, I will be heading up north fairly regularly. We try to arrange our trips from Thursday to Monday every other week or so, so my usual 'open' days of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, won't always work. Please contact me (email is best) to schedule a time and we will make something work, On weeks that I go north, I will schedule times on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for weeks that I'm home I will schedule times on any day that works best for you.

Estate Sale Items

As many of you are aware, I have been selling items from my mother-in-laws estate over the last month or so. Thank you to everyone who purchased items from me. All that is left now is the bigger furniture. I'm not going to go into all that right now, except for one piece. When I looked at it again it dawned on me that it would make an absolutely wonderful quilt cupboard. Now yes, I know, it is a TV cabinet and most people do not use these anymore. But take take a closer look at it here and here. Imagine storing your beautiful quilts on top and showing them off with the doors open, or closing it for a tidier look. And all those wonderful drawers in the bottom for  fat quarters too! 

It is a quality piece of furniture. Made of wood with dovetail drawers. I wish I could keep it, but I just don't have the space. All I am asking for it is $125 and I will give you a $25 store credit to help you on your way to filling it! It is two pieces (top and bottom). You would need to come and pick it up yourself as we have no way of delivering this unit.

Contact me if you are interested in this item, or if you are interested in more information about a vintage dining room set, antique coffee table, or Victorian couch.

I hope everyone has plans for a perfect summer! Keep quilting on those rainy days, but try to enjoy the sunshine too!


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Zippers 101

Many of you know that I now carry zippers. I'm focusing on zippers that work for handbags as it seems to be the trend to make your own handbags, purses, totes, carryalls, etc.  I am very impressed with the beautiful and professional looking homemade bags that I'm seeing you make.

Most bags require zippers. When it comes to the zippers you use, there are so many options out there that I thought I would put together a little something that might help.v

First of all, lets start with a simple di
agram showing the structure of a closed-bottom coil zipper. This will help during this article when I refer to the various parts of a zipper:

Types of Zippers

Zippers come in several forms:
  • Separating - such as a jacket zipper where instead of a bottom stop there is an insertion pin and retainer box so the zipper can come apart. 
  • Closed bottom - generally sewn into a project at the bottom, such as a dress or skirt.
  • Closed top & bottom - generally sewn into a project on both ends.
  • Continuous chain (sold by the yard) - sometimes called zipper tape or 'make-a-zipper', this type of zipper is economical and allows you to make and customize your own zippers. It needs to be sewn into a project on both ends, or stops need to be added. 
Zippers can be made from coil, molded plastic, or metal. Coil is the most popular zipper among the three types of zippers. This versatile zipper can be used in anything from apparel garments to luggage or sporting goods to automobiles.

Since coil also tends to be the most popular for handbag construction, the emphasis of this article will be on coil zippers.

Coil Zipper
A coil zipper is made of spiral plastic elements, such as polyester or nylon and is often referred to as a nylon coil zipper even though it is now almost exclusively made from polyester. The teeth of nylon coil zippers are extruded plastic sewn onto the zipper twill tape. Coil is usually the strongest because so much area on the actual zipper is touching the other side of the zipper. It is more flexible than a toothed zipper so a good zipper to go around curves. These zippers are available in a variety of sizes (gauges) and colours.

Zipper Sizes

Zipper Sizes
Nylon coil zippers come in sizes #2, #3, #45, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10. The number is the approximate width of the zipper, in millimeters, when closed. The smaller the number, the smaller the zipper - but not necessarily less strong! Picking your zipper is about frequency of use - where the zipper is used and the type of fabric.

I only carry sizes #3, #45 and #5, so will not go into the use of the heavier zippers. However, there is no reason why you can't use a #8 zipper in your handbag if you are looking to make a statement with your zipper!


  • #2 - Use in light weight fabrics with very little pressure on the zipper. 
  • #3 Nylon Coil Zippers
  • #3 - This is probably the size found at most fabric stores. Use in pillows, duvet covers, handbags made of lightweight fabrics, and interior handbag pockets. This size can take rough handling, hot water laundering, and is strong, yet supple.
  • #45 - Medium weight fabrics or where you need a little more security such as handbags. It has a wider tape to make it easier to sew into your project. #45 is considered a 'handbag zipper'.
  • #5 - Heavier weight fabrics or where you want even more security. Use in handbags, carryall bags and luggage. #5 zippers do not bend as easily as the #3 or #45.

    54" Zippers with 4 Sliders
    Currently I sell #3 closed bottom coil zippers in a wide variety of colours in 3 lengths - 9" ($1.50 each), 14" ($1.75 each) and 22" ($2.00 each).

    I also have 54" #3 closed bottom coil zippers in black & white with 4 sliders attached. You can make up to 4 zippers out of one of these and they are only $3.00 each!

    And I have a limited supply of closed bottom zippers in a 24" length in black only in size #45 ($2.50 each) and #5 ($3.00 each).

    #45 Continuous Chain
    I also carry continuous zipper chain by the yard in size #45 nylon coil for $2 per linear yard, or $.06 per inch in a number of colours. To see the colours I have, please click this link: #45 Continuous Chain Colours.

    To determine how much to buy just add 2" to the desired length you want the zipper to be (1" extra for each end). For example, if you want a 70" zipper you will need at least 72" of continuous zipper. You will then need to add one or more zipper sliders.

    Zipper Sliders and Pulls

    #45 Extra-Long Slider

    The zipper slider consists of the slider body, the crown (the pull tab holder) and the pull tab. The slider body is the piece that slides up & down the zipper teeth opening and closing the zipper, and the pull is the piece you hold onto to pull the slider up and down. Note that the zipper sliders from one brand (ie: YKK brand) are usually not interchangeable with other zipper brands.

    There are two main styles of zipper sliders used in bag construction:
    • Single - a zipper with a single slider used to open and close the zipper. This is the most common type and is used in skirts, trousers, bags, boots & tents.
    • Double - a zipper with two sliders facing each other head to head, mainly used for luggage and bags. When the zipper is closed, the sliders are together.
    Double Zipper with Head to Head Sliders
    Please note the length symbols on the above diagram. When measuring for a zipper, use the 'L' length which is the length from tab stop to tab stop. The L1 and L2 length is the tape extensions which is generally 1/2" to 1" long.

    #45 Sliders
    #3 Sliders
    When you make your own zipper using continuous zipper chain, you can select the style of zipper slider you desire: single or double, enamel or metal finish, standard sliders or decorative sliders.

    I carry standard, extra-long, #45 coil zipper sliders that have an enamel finish that matches the zipper tape & teeth colour. I also have the same slider in a nickel finish.

    Sliders are sold separately for the #45 continuous chain zipper by the yard and are $.50 each.

    Closed-end coil zippers come with a standard slider in an enamel finish that matches the zipper tape and teeth. However, you can change that by cutting off the top and bottom stops and inserting any slider you like.

    I also carry a selection #3 coil zipper sliders in an array of candy colours, as well as a few with with a decorative metal finish.

    Standard #3 coil sliders are $.35 each or 3 for $1.00, the long metal finish sliders in antique brass and gold are $.50 each and the nickel finish tear drop are $.75 each.

    Click here to see my zipper sliders.

    Inserting Sliders Onto Continuous Chain Zippers

    I found this video on YouTube that I really like: "How to Put Standard Zipper Sliders or Pulls on Zipper Tape", however there are many other videos out there. Just search for 'attaching slider to continuous chain zippers' and pick a method that works for you.

    Top & Bottom Stops

    The purpose of zipper stops is to keep the zipper sliders from derailing when the zipper is in use. In handbag construction, use of top and bottom stops can be optional. If the ends of the zipper chain are sewn into a seam, you may choose not to attach top/bottom stops because the seam will act as the stops. Or you can sew a 'wedge' to your zipper to act as the stop.


    Another option is to attach a grip tab to one or both ends of the zipper chain. It is often made from the fashion fabric used in the handbag. This finish will prevent the zipper slider from dislodging while the tab itself can be gripped in the hand when operating the zipper.

    "It's Hip to Change Your Zip!"

    Monday, 2 October 2017

    October Update

    Hello Everyone!

    What is this weather? Until late September I'm sure Mother Nature has confused our summer and fall, but finally we are enjoying some cooler weather and we can start cleaning up our gardens and then hunker down at our sewing machines again. Personally, I found it too hot to do much over the past few weeks, so instead have been focusing on updating my inventory. 

    For starters, I have a number of fabrics on sale for $6 per yard, and I still have a number of panels which are $4 per panel. The fabrics are sitting in my hallway, but I have also compiled an online album of my sale items which you can see here

    La Scala 7
    Once I had those fabrics moved out of the way, I was able to open up some room for some new fabrics! So, coming soon in October are some new fabrics from the Robert Kaufman La Scala 7 collection. This beautiful collection consists of some florals, paisleys, and metallics. What beautiful quilts and bags these will make!

    Also included in my upcoming order are some neutrals (black & creams) from Marcus Brothers, some tone on tone basics from the Robert Kaufman Wilderness collection and a few novelty prints.  And... for those who are interested, I have included a cork fabric along with this order!

    You can see them all here in my Coming Soon album.

    Bags, Wallets, Purses & Hardware

    Bags seem to be the in thing lately! A number of you have joined 'bag of the month' clubs, others are diligently working on Necessary Clutch wallets, and others are just enjoying making up some of my easy, precut Tote Bags to give as gifts. Whatever you are making, I have the hardware you need! Or, if I don't have it, I can get it. 

    At this time, here is what I do have:
    • Emmaline Turn Locks in gold, antique brass, gunmetal & silver
    • Emmaline "Handmade" Zipper pulls in gold, antique brass, gunmetal & silver
    • Emmaline "Handmade" plaque in gold, antique brass, gunmetal & silver
    • Pink Sand Beach Designs Magnetic Purse Snaps in silver, antique brass and black
    • Dritz Small Swivel Hooks & D-Rings (1/2")
    • Handmade Bead Zipper Pulls
    Other? Let me know what interests you!

    Pink Sand Beach Designs Patterns & Kits

    I have a number of Pink Sand Beach Designs patterns & kits here. I have decided to separate the patterns from the kits so that I can put together kits from my own fabrics as well as the kits supplied from the manufacturer in order to give you an opportunity for unlimited design choices. Here is what I have:

    Little Glam Bags

    The Little Glam Bag pattern includes picture instructions and pattern pieces. It teaches you a very professional yet easy zipper placement, and is fully lined. This can be used as a cosmetic bag, clutch, pencil case or just right for those coupons in your purse. 

    The finished size is 8 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 1" deep and includes instructions for an optional wrist strap.

    The pattern is $15 for the pattern alone, or $12 if you buy it along with a kit. 

    Here is a link to my Little Glam Bag Kits

    Please note that the images are computer generated and not as pretty as seeing the actual fabrics. The little 'puddle' of fabric under each bag image is the lining fabric.

    The Canada Flags & Canada Newsprint kits are $12 each. All others are $10 each or 2 for $18. At this price, you can make one up for all your friends on your Christmas list! Each kit includes coordinating fabrics for the bag and lining, plus a coordinating zipper. Kits do not include the pattern or interfacings.
    Brentwood Bag "Woodland"

    Brentwood Bags

    The Brentwood Bag has a zipper top, shoulder straps, outside pocket, inside pockets, and an inside zippered pocket. 
    Pattern includes complete instructions and pattern pieces and there are several YouTube videos available for further instruction.

    Approximate finished size: 4"D x 11"H x 12-1/2"W (at bottom) x 15"W (at top)

    The pattern is $15 for the pattern alone, or $12 if you buy it along with a kit. 

    Please note that the images are computer generated and not as pretty as seeing the actual fabrics. The little 'puddle' of fabric under each bag image is what I have included for the lining fabric.

    The kits are $30 each or 2 for $55. Each kit includes a set of coordinating fabrics for the bag and lining plus 2 coordinating zippers. Kits do not include the pattern or interfacings. This is a good buy as these kits retail for over $50 each in U.S. dollars 

    Fiji Totes

    Fiji Tote "Downton Abbey"
    The Fiji Tote Pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs is a fat quarter friendly bag pattern with 6 organizational pockets inside! This purse is easy to make and there are instructions to make the 20" straps any length. There is an optional magnetic snap closure. 
    Approximate finished size: 16 1/2"W (at the top) x 12 1/2"H x 4"D.

    The pattern is $15 for the pattern alone, or $12 if you buy it along with a kit. 

    Please note that the images are computer generated and not as pretty as seeing the actual fabrics. The little 'puddle ' of fabric under each bag is the lining fabric.

    Kits are $20 each or 2 for $35. Each kit includes a set of coordinating fabrics for the bag and lining. They do not include the pattern or the interfacings. 

    Capri Carryall

    The Capri Carryall pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs is fat quarter friendly and has six inside pockets, and an easy to sew "no sag" bottom.  The 20" straps can be made to any length.  Front and back are mirror images.  Photos are included in each step. 

    Capri Carryall "Oasis"
    Finished measurements: 11" wide at the top x 12 1/2" tall x 4" deep.

    The pattern is $15 for the pattern alone, or $12 if you buy it along with a kit. 

    Please note that the images are computer generated and not as pretty as seeing the actual fabrics. The little 'puddle' of fabric shown under each bag is the lining fabric.

    Kits are $25 each or 2 for $45. Each kit includes a set of coordinating fabrics for the bag and lining plus a coordinating magnetic snap closure. Kits do not include the pattern or interfacings. 

    Modern Clutch

    This chic modern clutch is so very easy to sew! It is fullyy lined with one pocket inside making it roomy enough for all the essentials including: I-Phones, glasses, makeup, and ID cards. Embellish with custom embroidery, crystals or fabric flowers. The frame is easily glued on making a fabulously finished clutch. Makes a quick and fun project!  Fat Quarter friendly.

    Finished size: 9 1/2" wide x 4" tall x 2 1/2" deep with 1 inside pocket.

    Please note that the images are computer generated and not as pretty as seeing the actual fabrics. The little 'puddle' of fabric shown under each bag is the lining fabric.

    Kits are $25 each or 2 for $45. Each kit includes the pattern, a set of coordinating fabrics for the bag and lining, the frame, and a set of swavorsky crystals. Kits do not include the interfacings. This is a great value because if purchased separately, the frame, fabrics, crystals and pattern would cost over $40.

    Necessary Clutch Wallets

    This addictive wallet is every so popular! I have the pattern here for $12 as well as all the required hardware (turn locks) and a great selection of zippers. And of course, lots of fat quarters to choose from.

    If you are interested, come by and see my samples. One of my samples is incomplete, so you can see how it will look partially finished.

    There are many great videos available on how to put this wallet together and I have compiled a small list of tips & tricks available free when you purchase a pattern.

    Try one! Will you be the next to be addicted?

    Interfacings & Stabilizers

    I now carry a number of bag battings & interfacings such as Pellon Fusible Fleece, Pellon Decor-Bond, Pellon Shape Flex, Pellon Foam Flex, Pellon Peltex (one sided fusible), and Matilda's Own Bag Batting (similar to Peltex but not fusible). These are all the interfacing recommended in the kits.

    I also have some Buckram coming soon. Buckram is scrim fabric with a starch & resin finish. Most visible use of Buckram today is the support fabric used inside of baseball caps. It is also used in lady's hats, costumes, belts, handbags, emblems, and various industrial applications. It is 20" wide and will be $6/yd.

    If you are interested in any of these items, please contact me. You can use the 'Contact Me' button on the right side of this site. 

    Thank you,

    Saturday, 2 September 2017

    New Fabrics

    I have quite a number of new fabrics arriving next week and the week after. Many are from Northcott and includes fabrics from the following collections:
    • Cosmic Fusion
    • Hipster on the Go
    • Glam Girl
    • Dreamscapes
    • and more...

    Note that the Dreamscapes collection includes a beautiful panel which would make a great 'Attic Window'. This panel will be $8. All other fabrics will be $8/yd.

    If you see something you like, you can pre-order. Or you can set up a time to come and see me next Wednesday or Thursday. Not all collections will be here next week though, as only the Northcott fabrics will be here, and the rest (fabrics from Hoffman, Timeless Treasure, etc.) will be here later in August.

    To see all my new fabrics, click on these links:
    New Fabrics Coming Soon and Just Arrived

    Monday, 6 March 2017

    March Update

    It's Been a Long Time...

    ...since I've posted on this site! Normally I just send out an email, but I got tired of looking at my site and seeing a date that is almost 6 months in the past!

    Winter Whispers
    So, I thought I would provide everyone with an update here today. The last email I sent out was to let you know that I had some new fabrics arriving. These include fabrics from a number of collections such as Wilmington Batavian Batiks, Timeless Treasures Wildflowers, Wilmington Feather Your Nest, Wilmington Winter Whispers and more.

    The bad news is that those fabrics have not yet arrived, and I'm now wondering whether the Batavian Batiks will come at all as my distributor's site is telling me they are sold out! But the other fabrics in my 'Coming Soon' album are still anticipated to arrive around mid-March. You can see them all here - just don't keep your fingers crossed for the batiks! 😞

    However, the good news is that while I'm still waiting for all those beautiful fabrics, I have also purchased a significant number of new Northcott fabrics. These are here now, and I'm diligently working on bundles and kits.

    Here are some highlights (click on the collection name to see the fabrics):

    Northcott Stonehenge Monogram

    Monogram is a unique Stonehenge blender group created by Deborah Edwards. The soft textural prints gradate in value and are printed with a pigment overlay.  The subtle palettes can be used alone or in combination. A variety of Stonehenge Gradations coordinate beautifully, adding dark values with depth and contrast.
    Porcelain Blue

    Porcelain Blue

    Porcelain Blue celebrates timeless tradition in much loved blue and white, offering beautifully illustrated florals, stripes and mini prints.

    Won't these make a wonderful table runner?


    Artisan Spirit Ambience offers an extensive range of exquisite textured prints in vibrant hues. There are six palettes: Hibiscus, Violet, Tahitian Sun, Twilight, Lagoon and Emerald Isle. The progression of color and value in each palette can be used alone or in combination with other palettes.

    There's lots more! Check them all out here.

    Hope to hear from you soon!